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VP ALGO Indicator PRO V1

$19.00 / month$169.00 / 100 years

VP ALGO indicator is based on candlestick pattern using advanced trading calculation algo combined with other indicator formula to find continuation or reversal pattern. The indicator generates buy/sell signals with support and resistance to take profit based on Fibonacci level and exit signals. The indicator was developed by a team of professional traders and expert coders with years of experience and used exclusively on algo robots by elite traders. Elite traders prefer candlestick patterns because it offers much more accurate and fast confirmation without any lag compared to other indicators.

The candlestick pattern identifies a reversal or continuation in market trend that allows traders to enter the trade and take profit based on 3 preset conditions that user can select:
1. Fibonacci levels to take profit or act as support and resistance
2. Percentage
3. Pips

The indicator has been added with color coding on candlestick to indicate trend continuation:
1. Green – Buy
2. Red – Sell
3. User defined color – no confirmation on price action or end of trend

User has option to enable buy/sell exit signal based on TP levels. Users can also have the option of selecting color coding on candlestick signals.

The indicator has been extensively back-tested with proven results and high profitability with major markets. It is simple, very easy to use for scalpers, day traders, swing trading for all markets based on stocks, crypto, forex, gold, commodities, indices. Suitable with any timeframe which user can select based on their preference and comfort level.

  • Monthly/Yearly/Lifetime purchase comes with 7 days FREE TRIAL
  • Single user account
  • After purchase will be given Tradingview script invite access
  • Unlimited alert to all markets (based on Tradingview plan)
  • Telegram alert options
  • VIP Telegram Signal Channel
  • 24/7 Support
  • Free version updates

Please read our Disclaimer on description.

Try the VP ALGO Indicator free trial for 7/14 days. If you are not 100% satisfied, cancel anytime before the trial period, request a refund, and get your money back.

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After purchase we will send to your email instruction for getting invite access to VP ALGO indicator script for Tradingview and Telegram signal channel.

Please put on remark note Tradingview and Telegram ID during check-out to get access to indicator and signal channel.

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